Scripture for this coming Lord’s Day morning. Isaiah 27

7 Has he struck them like he struck those who struck them? Or have they been killed as their killers were killed?

8 By chasing away; by sending away you strive with them. He removed them by his biting breath in a day of East wind.

9 Therefore by this the iniquity of Jacob will be atoned for, and this will be all the fruit of the removal of his sin, when he makes all the stones of the altar as pulverized limestones; no Asherim or incense altars standing.

10 For the unassailable city is isolated, a habitation deserted and bereft. Like the wilderness, there a calf pastures. He lies down and finishes its branches.

11 When her boughs are dry, they shall be broken off. Women come and kindle them, for this is not a people of understanding. He therefore who made them will not have compassion on them; He that formed them will show them no grace.

12 And it will be in that day that Jehovah will thresh out the grain from the flood of the river as far as the wadi of Egypt. And you shall be gathered up one by one, O descendants of Israel.

13 And it shall be in that day that a great horn will be blown and they will come that were perishing in the land of Assyria, and the banished from the land of Egypt, and they will bow down to Jehovah in the holy mountain in Jerusalem.

Verse 8

8 בְּסַּאסְּאָה בְּשַׁלְחָהּ תְּרִיבֶנָּה הָגָה בְּרוּחוֹ הַקָּשָׁה בְּיוֹם קָדִים

By chasing away; by sending away you strive with them. He removed them by his biting breath in a day of East wind.

The NIV follows the LXX when it translates ‘by warfare’.

The Hebrew בְּסַּאסְּאָה is hapax legomena, in the pilpel stem. It means ‘to drive away’ or from cognate languages ‘to cry sa, sa!’ thus to shoo away, to scare by shouting. Like divorce, it has the idea of estrangement. However, the translation ‘by measure’ is acceptable but debated.

Exile – means not the great exiles but lesser ones where enemies came in and took captives. God showed forbearance, not taking or destroying all as was deserved. The great exiles also were executed under promise of return.

He removed them – used elsewhere of refining, purifying.

A day of east wind – not a constant wind, but a day of wind. Hot, from the desert. Temporary. Wind that bites, but not interminable. Gen 41:6, the east wind in Pharoah’s dream shriveled the ears of corn.

הָגָה – he drives or he expelled. ‘shifted’ and ‘sifted’ are suitable.

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