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This next Lord’s Day, September 23

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We will continue and finish Isaiah 34 in the morning. Here are a few details from one of these verses:

Verse 11

  וִירֵשׁוּהָ קָאַת וְקִפּוֹד וְיַנְשׁוֹף וְעֹרֵב יִשְׁכְּנוּ־בָהּ וְנָטָה עָלֶיהָ קַו־תֹהוּ וְאַבְנֵי־בֹהוּ

 But the hawk and the porcupine shall possess it, the owl and the raven shall dwell in it. He shall stretch the line of confusion over it, and the plumb line of emptiness.

Raven – the only bird identifiable with certainty, as we do not know the exact designation of the animals denoted by the Hebrew nouns. Porcupine is probably hedgehog – something that can roll itself up, as the Hebrew noun comes from the verb “to roll”.

Line of confusion תֹהוּbefore God ordered the universe with his Word, there was chaos and desolation. This is a measuring line – marking out in plots land for ownership.

plumb-line of emptiness בֹהוּmeaninglessness, shapelessness, instability. Plumb-line – an assessment of how Edom’s land compares with the true or heavenly reality. The Lord is depicted as having tools, such as survey markers and carpenter’s level; meaning God’s work is deliberate. Both words used in Gen 1:2 “formless and void”.

This is what Edom deserves, they seem to be the precursors for re-creation.

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