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Lord’s Day April 22nd

Two remarkable passages this week, one from Luke 12 which we will look at in the evening: to include the unforgivable sin, and in the morning, Isaiah 29:15-24. Here are some details from one verse of the Isaiah passage. Verse 17   הֲלוֹא־עוֹד מְעַט מִזְעָר וְשָׁב לְבָנוֹן לַכַּרְמֶל וְהַכַּרְמֶל לַיַּעַר יֵחָשֵׁב ESV  Is it not […]

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Looking for a Bible Study?

Do you desire to know God in a fuller, deeper way? We are serious about studying the Bible. Contact Pastor Sexton to learn more. 719-839-0305

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Discipleship – Did you Know?

The Lord Jesus is making disciples in Quinter! To become schooled in the Bible, do we have to leave town for Bible college somewhere else? God has placed his church in our own town to teach what his word says about Him. That is great news if you have a thirst for Bible knowledge (i.e. […]

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Lord’s Day Schedule

If you plan to visit us, please take note of our schedule of weekly Lord’s Day (Sunday) events: 10:00 AM: Bible Classes for all ages/ 11:00 AM: Morning Worship Service/12:30 PM: Fellowship Meal /5:30 PM: Evening Worship Service

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